More than 40 waste treatment plants in Hungary

Sewage sludge, household and bio wastes are treated every day

Help and support - the keys to our success

We know how to drive a front loader, how to build up and cover a compost heap. We are there to educate the workers who are the heart of any composting plants. Software incompatibilities? Count on us!

Facility operators know that they can seek advice from us, which have resulted an active contact with them. It happened often that other plants switched to our technology because of the recommendation of these operators. Active professional support is invaluable in the field of waste management.

In Hungary, we have already replaced many already installed composting technologies and integrated ours into the existing infrastructure.

Treated materials with Compostal Technology®

Biodegradable input materials treated with our technology are as follows:

20 02 01 - biodegradable waste
20 03 01 - mixed municipal waste
02 01 02 - animal-tissue waste
02 01 03 - plant-tissue waste
19 08 05 - sludges from treatment of urban waste water
20 01 08 - biodegradable kitchen and canteen waste

Compost cover projects

We produce both standard and custom-sized semipermeable compost covers under our brand Compostal Cover®. This line offers a cost-effective and durable alternative to Gore-Tex covers. We have successfully sold compost membranes in various countries, including Hungary, the United Kingdom and Slovenia. For detailed product specifications please email us.

Bioremedation projects

We offer a cheap and efficient way to decontaminate soil from hydrocarbons (TPH, PAH). Combining our technology with bioengineered bacteria helped us remedate and recultivate contaminated sites in Hungary.